Contributing a new language

If you are familiar with using git, I’d prefer if you follow the Pull Request process here.

Adding a new language

  • Languages translations are available here

  • To contribute a new language, add a new locale-xx.json (where xx is your language code).

  • Ideally, you should also provide a language translation for the zmNinja help file inside lang/help

The best way is to simply look at an existing language translation and follow the same model for yours. If any language translation keywords are missed, it will fallback to English.

Main Language file

  • Make sure there is no comma after the last element

  • Comments are not allowed

  • Make sure you don’t add ellipsis “…” anywhere, they are added to messages in code when needed

  • After you complete the translation file, do the following:

(replace -it with the language you are working on)

python ./ -f locale-it.json -b

This validates your JSON file, makes sure all keys are in sync with -en and if valid, creates pretty-locale-it.json. If you are sure it looks good,

python ./ -f locale-it.json -b -o

This validates your JSON file,makes sure all keys are in sync with -en and if valid, OVERWRITES your local file with a pretty formatted version, which is what you should PR

Translating Help language file

  • Located inside lang/help

  • Please be careful not to mess up the html tags, please only focus on text translation

How to recognize a new language:

(This is only for zmNinja developers. Not relevant for language translators)

  • Modify languages array in NVR.js (look for var languages)

  • Register language glob code in app.js - make sure its added to array list and mapping (look for registerAvailableLanguageKeys)